Do you allow reviews of your bookings on your online travel websites? If not, you should. Studies shows that potential customers trust even anonymous reviews, and those who read them are twice as likely to make a purchase.

Positive reviews have a positive impact

A positive review is almost as influential as price or special offers. Consumers consider positive reviews as the most likely factor to make them book a holiday online. Having positive reviews on your online travel websites can help to increase conversion rates exponentially. In fact, reviews are often consider to be as influential regarding whether a customer completes a purchase or not as price. So, highlighting positive reviews and making them easy to post is key to online travel websites success and more sales.

Reviews are considered very trustworthy

Consumer reviews are trusted more than information from manufacturers or other corporate providers. So, travel sites or corporations websites should also include customer reviews. Customers prefer to read reviews on company websites; so including them on a travel site is important.

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There are SEO benefits

In SEO and Digital Marketing, achieving good rankings through reviews can make a huge difference for travel businesses. Don’t forget the impact of reviews on your SEO efforts. It is widely accepted in the SEO industry that although social signals do not directly impact rankings, they can help in a number of indirect ways. Reviews send strong signals to search engines about the website’s authority and credibility.

Revenue Increases

Reviews has in fact become an essential part of the travel planning process. Travel sites with the most reviews, including recent stories from happy customers and thoughtful responses from staff, is found to be the most appealing. Reviews enhance sales by up to 20%. Adding reviews to your online travel website can double the browsing time. Like it or not, reviews are positively influencing the volume of bookings and if you don’t jump on board, you will be left behind.

Online travel Websites Traffic Increases

Reviews drive additional traffic to your website from other social media sites. Travel companies that regularly share reviews with their Facebook page see an increase in traffic back to their company website.  For example, one good review per day generate extra visitors up to 2.5 times their number of community followers per month. Clients who regularly share reviews with their Facebook page see an increase in traffic back to their company website

A negative review is not always a bad

Allow customer to shear their personal Opinions, Activities, and Experiences on your site. The reviews your customers and clients leave can have a huge benefit. Use them to your advantage by making them more visible for the next potential customers to see. A review that may seem negative to one person can in fact be positive in another person’s view. What is seen as a negative in one customer’s eyes can in fact be a positive for another.

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