SEO Friendly Pages

The web-pages are SEO flexible with META TAGs, TITLEs, HEADINGs base on SEO principal and fully controllable from the CMS (Content Management System) .The HTMl coding does follow the guidelines from ‘schema.org’ uses by google, yahoo and bing to index page webpage(s).

Rich Image Gallery

All of photos are stored at Image Library and can be selected to be viewed in different galleries. The gallery is adaptive to mobile devices and also images can be directly shared social network such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other social network site. Also the registered users can create their own galleries and share them.

Brochure Request

Instantly downloadable PDF brochure available for the registered users. And with each brochure download, notification is sent to the admin mail with the user information as well.

Late Availability

If any ‘trip departure’ has 30 days or less than 30 days remaining to start, and any ‘Trip Departure’ is NOT fully booked then it can be listed on ‘late availability’ page.

Administrative Features

Lookup Table(S) Related To Trip Details Page

Repeating information is managed into lookup tables and made automatically available in the ‘Add Trip/Holiday’ ‘Edit Trip/Holiday’ page. All Lookups can be managed from CMS.

Logistic And Expenses Record For Each Departure

Report on all the Travel expenses like Tour Budget, Emergency Cost, Transport, City Tour (guide, transport, entry fee, food ), Hotel Accommodation, Tour Extension, Food Provision, Supplies Payment, Airport Transport (Pickup & Droop) etc can be generated and imported in Excel/Text/PDF format.

Request Tailor-Made Trip Quotation

It is an automatic quotation calculation process based on pre-set value and select or data input by user. The calculated quotation is sent to the user as well as admin.Also the user can save the quotation for some pre-define days.

Trip Dossier

This is a print-friendly page of ‘Trip Details’ and “Print Trip Dossier” option where the “Trip Details” page can be printed directly without opening page in new windows. Saving html/php version or copying page or any of its contents are not allowed.

Customer Feedback

Feedback request form is forwarded automatically to the user/client at the end date of trip. Client also could leave a feedback anytime, just by logging into their account. And admin can also manually request for the feedback anytime after the trip. Feedback once submitted is not editable. And the feedback received can be published as testimonial

Spam Filtered Newsletters

CUSTOMIZABLE/FLEXIBLE email template can be sent via email to update the business, regarding promotions (last minutes booking offers, early booking offer, group booking offer), web updates, news and update, charity work etc. Email address are well confirmed to avoid typing error.